Devices Not Found in API

I just recently purchase a Rachio WiFi Hub and Smart Hose Timer. I plan on purchasing more, but purchase one initially as a test. The setup was quick and easy on my iOS device and I am able to control the smart hose timer without any issues.

However, the main reason I purchased Rachio was due to the API interface and ability to add it to my home automation platform (Home Assistant). When logging on to the ‘’ website, my devices are not listed, but I was able to generate an API key. And when using the API within Home Assistant, it is reporting that no devices can be fond after successfully authenticating.

To troubleshoot the issue, I attempted to test the API using Postman to see what it was returning. I am able to call the /person/info route to get my ID and then then /person/{id} path to pull information. It is showing my email address, etc but the devices array is blank.

“devices”: [],

I can log in/out of the phone and the devices show up successfully, but logging in/out of the web or via the API I cannot see any devices. It is like the phone app account and the web/api accounts are not in sync.

Finally, I just called support, but they were not helpful and finally suggested I post my issue to this community forum with the hope that an engineer will see it and can assist.

Thank you for your time.

The following thread and maybe this specific post should answer your question (please let us know if it does not). If it does, I would suggest adding your voice there. API support for Smart Hose timer? - Smart Home & API - Rachio Community

Hi @Thomas_Lerman. Thank you for your reply and pointing out that disappointing thread. This is my exact problem since it appears it is just not supported by the API. It appears other users in my situation have returned the unit and swapped over to a B-hyve timer instead. I appreciate the response.

I am keeping mine as I am not using it in that way, but still am hopeful a future release supports it.