Dethatching vs verticutting/slicing

For you lawn pros, do recommend on over the other? My empire zoysia (FL) has been in over 3 years now, mowed weekly 8 months out of the year and every other week the rest of the year.

I’ve been thinking about doing something to loosen up the thatch layer ahead of some top-dressing to level out low spots in the lawn.

Can you re-state your question?

sorry, should read, “Do you recommend one over the other”

De-thatching versus aerating?

I have done as much aerating as I can in a day of a rental of the tool to, in theory level out the yard, and aerate. You can de-thatch with a blade you can and to you mower, at limited cost, but I have never used one, and can’t speak to it.

My yard is now 8 years old, I tilled it all up myself, and seeded it. I think aerating is worth while, If I had my own, i would do it much more often, but they are expensive.