Detailed Gen2 documentation? (e.g. light codes)

Hi, I’ve seen another thread here discussing light codes - but unless I’ve missed something, that ultimately leads to some limited information that has to do only with WiFi setup of the Gen 2.

What I’m looking for is an explanation of the LED “tree” animated codes that may be displayed AFTER setup is completed.

For example, today as I was walking by the unit, I noticed it was sequentially lighting up segments of the circle that surrounds the tree. Gee, I thought to myself, that must mean something. But I can’t find that info here.

Also, the “trunk” of the tree is currently illuminated but none of the branches are. Another mysterious display code.

I should add that these unknown codes notwithstanding, the unit appears properly online and I can interact with it normally.

In hopes of being able to decipher these display codes, I began searching here for something like an owner’s manual. Couldn’t find that either (I did find a Quick Start Guide - is that all there is?)

Did I miss this info during my searches, or does it really not exist? And is there a full owner’s manual online?


@klandingham - I believe the Rachio unit is in a rain delay state.

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Hey @klandingham-

@DLane is correct, from your description, you are seeing the light code for rain delay! However, I agree that a detailed guide to all of the possible light codes would be helpful. This information does not currently exist all in one spot anywhere. Thank you for the feedback!

McKynzee :rachio:

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