Denver Area Soil and Sprinkler Testing


I am in the Denver area and looking for a soil testing and sprinkler testing group. I found this place but my water is through Denver Water and it doesn’t look like the are participating. Does anyone know of something similar?


@chrismcdowell25 just to confirm, are you looking for a sprinkler audit?


Yeah and to have the soil tested for composition.


DM me your zip code and I’ll see if we can help you find someone.


Did you find someone? In Arvada, CO and this would be a nice confirmation/check of my research & setup.


I haven’t found anyone yet.


@Silent @chrismcdowell25 – I’ve put out a few feelers. Will let you both know once I hear back.


CSU Extension will do soil tests. See

They also do “lawn checks” which includes a diagnostic of your irrigation system. They do now, however, do actual measurements…it’s more of a visual inspection of your sprinklers as they run, along with your lawn problems. See I’m in Boulder County and they are very active with lawn checks. I don’t know if Denver County participates…try the “Ask an Expert” link at


Thanks for the info. I will look into it and see what they say.