Delete Unused Zones

Delete Zones:
We have moved and I need to delete the zones from our old address. How is this done? Thanks in advance!

Do you have contact with the people that moved it? It would probably be easiest if you do and can transfer it to them. Oh wait, are you saying you kept your controller?

Yes we took the controller with us

Got it (or at least you do :wink: ). Do you really want to “delete” the zones or just modify the zones (you still have all the “zones” within the controller)? You probably want to:

From the HOME tab

    a. Update the “Location”
    a. Edit or disable the ZONES
    b. Edit the SCHEDULE(s)

Am I going in the direction you are wanting?

Thanks for your feedback, however, I want to delete the zones from my old address even though they are disabled.

Maybe I am not understanding, sorry. If you update the controller location, followed by the zones & schedules, why would you want to “delete” zones? The controller still has all of its zones available.

Because it shows all of the old zones from the previous location. I’m thinking I delete the profile and start over.

If you’re installing the controller at your new location, you could just edit the zones to reflect the conditions at the new place.

I have the same problem (moved to a new house that uses fewer zones than the old house) and I want to blank or clear all the details of the now unused zones.
The goal is the have the currently unused zones set back to defaults (name, photo, etc)
Is there a way to set the unused/disabled zones back to default?

If you go to the zone, edit it, tap on Advanced, and scroll to the bottom, you will see “Reset Zone Adjustments” and “Reset to Default”. If the latter does not reset everything, it would be good to know what it does not. Then maybe do the same with the former. If neither resets the Zone Name, the default is “Zone 15” (or whatever the zone number is). If the photo does not reset, I do not think I have seen a way to do that. Please report back on your findings.