Delete multiple flow notifications

Last year, the main line from the well to the irrigation system broke so I turned the pump off. Took several months to get someone to fix it. In the meantime, there was a bunch of flow notifications generated – basically 30 notifications a day generated for the duration.

I deleted them all on the phone app, but when I log into the web app on a PC, there would appear to be several hundred(?) notifications and every one of the zone pictures has a banner with a flow notification on it.

Problem 1 (apparent bug):
The notification deletion is not global across devices (or at least deletions of notifications on an iPhone with the app do not appear to be reflected in the web interface). Interesting that my iPad notifications are synced and show the same as the phone - but the web UI still seems to show every notification ever created.

Problem 2 (design inconsistency):
There does not appear to be a way to “View” a notification list on the web interface. The UI only allows a click on “next” arrow to see next notification. The web UI does not have the equivalent of the “More” button on the bottom right of screen referred to in documentation, nor the underlying “Flow Notifications” submenu item/link.

Problem 3 (design shortcoming):
A global irritant is that even though the iPhone app will show a list of notifications, you cannot multi-select and delete.

Problem 4 (design shortcoming):
Flow notifications can only be active or deleted. No ability appears to exist to “read” or “acknowledge” a flow notification while keeping the particulars (time and flow rate detected) for future troubleshooting or analysis.

Problem 5 (design shortcoming):
You would think that if you click a zone with a flow notification (or click the orange text that says “High Flow” in the banner on top of the zone, that it would take you to the actual flow notification for more detailed information on the notification. Alas…

So after clicking the “X” a couple of hundred times, I still have (probably) several hundred times to go.