Delayed Schedule Start Date and Flex Daily Experiences

I have just created a Flex Daily schedule restricted to 2 days a week (Thu and Sun). This is in FL with sandy soils, lots of sun and forecasted temps in the 90’s. Today is 8/5, but the home screen is showing the next watering is 8/22, 17 days away. The system ran Flex Daily yesterday for 2 hours. The previous Fixed schedule ran about 6 hours for the same input settings. Will the next watering date move as conditions warrant? If necessary, I can stick in a 2 day Fixed to fill the gap, but I’m hoping that level of tinkering won’t be needed.

Also, it seems that the Fixed and Flex Daily come up with drastically different watering durations with the same configuration. Fixed calculates run times about 3x longer than the Flex Daily. Maybe this too will change as days go by.

Any help in better understanding how flexible FD is would be appreciated. Right now it seems like I will need to closely monitor upcoming cycles to ensure enough water is being put down.


New user here, but it does appear to change daily on mine. Yesterday it was showing 3 days this week would get water, but today it’s showing 4. We have small chances of rain out here so I think it maybe it plans to not water due to rain chance, but as it gets closer and realizes rain won’t actually happen it adds more days. In fact I had a notification over the weekend saying it was cancelling a rain skip because of lack of rain. Something to that effect.