Delayed App Notifications Coming Hours After Events Occur

Beginning last night, I have started to receive notifications hours after an event occurs. As an example, I manually watered two zones yesterday at 7:46 PM. Then, after 11 PM, I received notifications that the watering was complete. This occurred again today when my system watered at 8:40 AM and completed two zones at 8:48 AM. However, I received notifications regarding the watering activity around 4 PM.

I do not believe this is an issue with the app on my local device because I carry both an iPhone 6S Plus running iOS 9.3.1 as well as a Nexus 6P running Android 6.0.1. Both phones, which run on entirely different operating systems, produced delayed notifications at the same time.

@kinan Thanks for the feedback, we’ve had other users experiencing the same issue. We use a third party service for our push notifications and for application events in general (our apps listen for events to know when to repaint the calendar, etc.). I’ve opened a support ticket with them as it does appear they are having some kind of latency issues.

Should have this resolved today, and will let you know when they have fixed the issue.



@kinan This problem has been resolved by our third party provider.


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Yo dude, had a panic attack because of that today. I had a drip zone valve come apart this morning, put the system in standby, got a notification that my drip schedule started, freaked.

What are the odds that these 2 uncommon events happen on the same day?

I was literally going nuts trying to get eyes on my valve box this afternoon.

When talking about software, really good.

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Werd, and an 11 year old hunter valve…my irrigation buddy has been giving me a hard time about that still being my only faulty valve.

I guess not so amazing of a coincidence.

@franz, so, so true!!!

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Dude, what are you talking about?
My code always works some of the time!


:cheers: Thanks for following up on the resolution.