Delay time Between zones

Since my water tank don’t have capacity to a complete cycle, I need to have some delay between zones in order to allow the tank to refills

Is any suggestions ?

See if this support article applies to your situation

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You then may have to set up cycle and soak for each schedule you have.

Thank you I will take a look

The issue with the soak cycle, is that it still keep using water

I got but I don’t want to wire the pump to the controller.

Just a software set up to delay between zones !!

Thank you once again for your support

I think even if you don’t connect the controller to the pump, it’ll still work. “Well or pump start relay” means you are telling Rachio you have a well and you should be good to go without any new connections. I don’t know since I don’t have a well. Try it out and experiment to make sure things work as you expect. Take another look at cycle and soak settings since the well delay is added there.

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Or instead of a delay I could run several daily cycles !!