Delay in Zones selection on website

I am able to create watering schedules. However, once I am in the zones selection area, the software doesn’t respond to clicking the bubbles. I kept on clicking and nothing happens. All zones are automatically selected and I cannot unselect some zones. Is there something I need to do to select specific zones? Sometimes, clicking on a bubble works, but it seems intermittent. Thanks.

Hi @Tinkeringeek-

What browser are you using? We have seen this behavior on chrome browsers occasionally- it is a small software defect that the team has been made aware of! Unfortunately, the best solution I have for now is using mobile or using a different browser.

New Rachio user here. I encountered this issue and was going to post about it but found this thread. Just to bring you up to speed, I have tried Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge browser all using Windows 10 and none of them allow you to select zones when creating a fixed watering schedule of any kind.

You can make the selections on the mobile app and then edit the parameters of the schedule from the browser but you cannot create it from scratch in the browser. Would be nice to see this fixed.

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