Delay Between Zones & Number of Zones

Hello, new user here.

With delay between zones, do I need to have multiple zones (I have 3) or should it be a single zone? There is only one wire into Zone 1. I’m curious if its just one zone, do I need to modify my total watering time. The app set it at only 7 minutes for total watering time.

Sounds like you are using an index valve (most likely a Floridian).
Unfortunately you won’t be able to use the best / advanced features of Rachio, such as customized zones and individual zone’s moisture tracking, but should be able to benefit from rain prediction and schedule skipping.
You’ll need to hookup you valve to the master valve output, not one of the zones. Then setup your three zones to which ever zone numbers you’d like, don’t worry about hooking anything up to those zones as your irrigation will be activated via the master valve output.
You’ve already found that you need to setup a delay between zones, I recommend at least a minute.
You now can either setup a manual schedule that includes all 3 of your zones, or a flex schedule using all three zones, but be sure you have all your zones setup identical to eachother. Their area, soil type, sprinklers, shade, slope, etc… all have to match as Rachio would try to skip zones based on their settings and your index valve does not allow such a function.
In the long run, you’ll want to upgrade your valve from an idex system to individual valves and give rachio independent control of each of your zones allowing for maximum water conservation.

Thank you so much, this makes a lot of sense. Appreciate you taking the time to reply!