Deer Repellant

The ability to use motion sensors to turn on sprinklers to scare away the deer that enter the yard and eat all the plants at odd hours of the night and early morning.

If you are asking if this is possible, it is. I am using Zooz outdoor z-wave motion sensors with my Smarththings hub and IFTTT to get Rachio to turn on a specific zone for 1 minute when motion is detected. It runs between sunset and sunrise and works great. Before I set the system up I had no rose blooms (turns out the deer love to eat the buds before they bloom). Now our knock out roses boom like crazy. Go figure. If you need help getting it set up, email me at and I will send you all the steps.

The deer where I am are both plentiful and brazen
You can walk to within 8 foot of them without them moving
Stop your car and open the window as close as 4 feet
No movement
I have a feeling activated sprinklers would do nothing
I’ve sat on my deck and activated my system they appear annoyed and move the few feet to get out of the way.
They just get used to everything
Hope your plan works and I’ll watch and hope

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If the HomeKit functionality is ever fixed it would be very easy to do.

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You must live near me. :wink:

Bergen County New Jersey

I found the same with squirrels, who I think were eating my tomatoes and cucumbers. They were happily gathering nuts these past weeks while my system was watering grass seed.