Deep rooted, resilient lawn

One very cool thing I’ve noticed with a flex daily scheduled lawn is that in these cooler months it seems more resilient to a sudden drop-off in irrigation.

My neighbor’s lawn (I’ve changed names/dates to protect the innocent) was being watered probably about 4x more than mine. Night and morning waterings, about 3x per week, but very short irrigation periods (maybe a third of mine?) Grass looked very lush for the last couple of months.

I believe they stopped or severely cut back watering, and we’ve actually had some 80 degree days in the last couple of weeks.

Their lawn now looks very unhealthy and looks like it is starving and wasn’t ready for the abrupt cutoff of frequent, shallow waterings.

My lawn is still looking healthy and generally the same as it has all season.

It does feel like using flex daily all season has toughened up my lawn and made it more resilient and much better prepared for winter.

:colorado: :cheers: