Dead spots in lawn

I’m new here and this is my first post. I have some dead spots on my yard. I thought it could be poor sprinkler head coverage so I swapped some of the heads out thinking that would solve this issue. But I still have the dead spots. Any ideas of how to get rid of them? I think you are supposed to have head to head coverage to avoid any dead spots. What else could be causing this?


So many possibilities. Insects, disease, etc. I would need much more information to try and diagnose. Pics, general info about location and grass type are helpful.

Like @gaustin said, there are a TON of possibilities. Underwater, overwater, insects, fungus, is there a tree nearby, overly shaded…the list goes on. I consider my lawn to be in fantastic shape, but I have two areas under some large shade trees that just won’t grow grass. The bermuda just doesn’t like full shade.

We have a few spots near pine trees I struggle with. It feels like if I adjust the settings enough to keep the grass green by the trees I get a mushroom farm in the zone area not affected by the trees, but if I dial it back down the grass goes brown by the trees. I have not yet found a sweet spot.

The trees will suck up a ton of the moisture from the surrounding grass. @gaustin had some pretty cool finding with his fancy soil probe software.

But, if the type of grass you have doesn’t do well in full shade, you will never have a lush lawn under a tree canopy.