Dead on Arrival

Rachio Gen2, ordered from Amazon. Carved out two hours yesterday to get this turd installed only to plug it in and… Wait for it… Nothing. Voltage tested transformer, outlet, connections and all had power. Barrel plug from transformer is hot so I know it’s providing DC power. Tried plugging it in to two different known working outlets, nothing. No lights. Emailed support yesterday and no answer. Super excited to be part of the Rachio family so far.

You know it’s extremely easy to return a product through amazon, right?


I’m following up with our customer success team and we will get your issues resolved.


Hmmmm. That’s very strange. I have never, ever had a product that was defective from the start. I don’t think anybody else has either…RIGHT! I would hardly consider the Rachio a turd. Best controller you can get.

I believe our customer success team has reviewed the ticket and we have things sorted out.

Thank your for your patience and have a great weekend.



I’ve had 2 in one season and both haven’t worked properly.