Daytime Watering Only?

Hello - So I am using the Rachio for a non-traditional use - “watering the chickens”. In other words - I have a misting system setup for the chicken coop (it’s hot out in AZ!) - and I would like to setup a custom schedule to allow for watering during the day only, maybe 5-10minutes each hour. I have not been able to find the way to do this.

I can stop at night before a certain time or not in the morning - but not both…

A challenge to the community…thanks!

I think you could do this by setting up a fixed schedule with manual cycle and soak. For example, you would set it to start at 6am in the morning. The cycle could be 10 minutes and the soak would be 50 minutes. And you want it to end after 10 hours. Then when the duration for the zone pops up, set the duration for 10 times 10 minutes, or 100 minutes (which you’ll have to put in as an hour and 40 minutes). That should work and you can play with your timing. Just make sure that you pick a nozzle for the zone that is NOT a “drip emitter” (Mister, bubbler, Emitter, dripline). I know that drips don’t work with the normal cycle and soak. I don’t know if they work with the manual one or not, but better safe than sorry. And since you are setting the duration yourself, the nozzle inches per hour won’t make any difference.

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Save the Chickens!!

Use a Fixed schedule, start at whatever time you want.

Set a Manual Cycle & Soak time: If you want 10 minutes per hour, specify a 10 minute Cycle time, and 50 minute Soak time.

Then multiply your cycle time by how many times (hours) you want it to cycle during a day. For 7 AM to 5 PM that’s say 10 hours, so you want a total watering time of 100 minutes, but the Cycle & Soak will water it in 10 minute periods, with 50 minute pauses in between.


This looks like a good idea…I will try this and get back with you. A big thanks!