Davis Airlink vs PurplrAir

Davis Air link Vs PurpleAir

I wonder why Rachio chose Davis AirLink over Purple air? Rachio promotes Tempest Weather station, Tempest promotes PurpleAir, later on this year PurpleAir Air Quality measurements will be incorporated into PurpleAir mapping.

“Coming later this year, PurpleAir’s air quality data will be integrated into the Tempest Weather app, offering users a comprehensive solution for tracking weather conditions and air quality in real-time. This data will include PM2.5 (particulate matter concentrations) and AQI (Air Quality Index) from PurpleAir’s network of air quality monitors. This integration will combine the power of Tempest weather insights with PurpleAir’s air quality data for a complete picture of your outdoor environment before you even open the front door!


Team Tempest”

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