Dates in public/person/:id of API

A couple of questions related to date/time stamps in the API, specifically when requesting:


it replies (examples):

  1. root level:

“createDate”: 1555647369000,

However, no timezone information is present (only on a device basis). In my case, I created the account about 1-1/2 months before I even had the hardware.

  • So, what timezone gets used? Well, it probably is stored as UTC, so it does not really matter (not used for displayed anywhere particular).
  1. flexScheduleRules:
    Both of my schedules have (well, one does not have a startHour or startMinute):

“startDate”: 1559714400000,
“startYear”: 2019,
“startMonth”: 6,
“startDay”: 5,
“startHour”: 12,
“startMinute”: 0,

startDate = 2019-06-05T06:00:00+00:00

  • Why is it that it has startDate plus all the other start* properties (are the others just legacy properties)?
  • My timezone shows -2160000 (-0600), so it seems they match. It is rather unlikely that I created these at the exact same time.
  • What is used for sorting the different schedules on the web/apps (incidentally, a sortOrder with the ability to change would be awesome)?