Data for Skipping Watering Time

I received an email notification this morning indicating that my scheduled watering was being skipped. That was expected based on my observation of rain and I’m glad that the weather intelligence feature worked. However, when I received the email notification, it indicated that the Station ID utilized to make the decision was KBDU (11.05 mi away). In the Rachio app, it appears that I am using KEIK (a much more local weather station). I am concerned that the weather intelligence may not always prove accurate if it is utilizing KBDU rather than KEIK to make its watering decision. Please explain.

@crowthma With the current app there is no way to choose your preferred station. We use lat/long coordinates and find the closest station at the time. The weather service could potentially pick a different station based on the time of day.

With 2.0 out soon, you can choose your station and be guaranteed that it is always using it for weather service information. :beers:

Did I read somewhere in the forum that in 2.0 that a backup station would also be used in case the preferred station for whatever reason is offline or not working properly? If not, maybe you can add that to the list to consider at a later date.

I had seen something about weathersnoop and after reading that it sounded like a cool idea for setting up a station but I couldn’t find anything like that for Windows users.

After some digging, it looks like KEIK has not reported any precipitation over the last several days despite the fact that we have experienced such here. Now, I’m wondering if that station simply does not collect that data.

@jeremyshultz, yea I’ve been searching for a weathersnoop for Windows as well. If you find one, please let us know!

@crowthma, hmm…that’s not good to hear. Sometimes the stations can be contacted. I’d imagine the Eire airport wouldn’t been too difficult to reach out to. Below is there contact info:

I’ll call them for you if you bribe me with some of the desserts in the photos on the screenshot :smile: …but really, I’ll give them a call if it would help.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil