Darn Rachio! Kidding. It seems to be bad wiring :)

What the heck is this called and how do I replace it? After doing some troubleshooting (Luis V was great) it seems I might have a bad ‘C’ wire connection. I went into the box and messed with it and now my irrigation works again. Looks pretty simple to repair/replace?

@mdfuller - is there any manufacturer name or number anywhere on the device?

I think it might be a Blazing SnapLoc connector.

@mdfuller - Yep, looks like it when I looked that up. Something like →


would also work (available from Home Depot or Lowe’s).

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I don’t know that part, but it looks like a Wago221. I really like Wago’s, even as many hate them. They are a standard in Europe whereas American are all about wirenuts. However, Wago221 (Lever Locks) are not water proof in design. You could just coat it in silicon grease and tape it up, or wrap in silcon tape, and then regular tape. Or just wad those 8-10 wires into 1 or 2 waterproof wirenuts (if using 2 put a jumper wire between them). Its just a big splice.

I ended up using a DryConn and all is well. I mean other than my backflow blowing up and my sprinklers “running out of gas” - guessing backflow is still to blame or low water table (well). With water, the fun never ends!