Daily Flex-Only One Day Scheduled

My landscaper created a Fixed schedule long enough to keep the seed on the trenches wet and start germinating. He then created a Flex Monthly schedule as a main schedule. It ran for over 45 minutes per zone last night and was way too much water. So…I decided to change it up a bit…

I created a Flex Daily schedule and there is only one day showing up. In that day there are 2 zone not scheduled to be watered. It appears that it’s because the depletion threshold has not been reached yet.

My questions are…#1 - Is it normal to see only one day in a Flex Daily schedule on an ongoing basis or is this something at initial setup? and #2 - Will zones that have not reached the depletion threshold be missing from the schedule?

That doesn’t seem quite right to me. Do you know how to get to your ‘moisture details’ ? If so, go to there and expand the details table, then post a screenshot here.

It should look something like this:

It looks like the zones are all estimating a watering cycle every day. I’m not sure why your calendar shows otherwise, unless you have the schedule disabled ?

A second question here is if you really expect daily watering at this time of year?

My guess is that the flex schedule isn’t running because of some other schedule keeping the zones from losing enough moisture to reach the allowed depletion point. Those water drops on your moisture graph seem to indicate these zones are getting watered every day (you can see that they are getting watered somehow by looking at the Irrigation row below the graphs). Maybe the fixed schedule you set up is watering these zones?

As for the water drops not showing up, this is because the system can only predict so far ahead. So if there is no watering needed for over a week or so, there will be no rain drops as the system can’t predict the moisture conditions far enough into the future in order to place a scheduled event.

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This is a new installation of the entire irrigation system. The landscaper had a fix schedule for 10 days running to keep the seed he planted over the trenches damp. That would explain the water level rising. He changed it to a Flex Monthly schedule and it was way too much. Today I changed it to the Flex Daily to see if the schedule looked more reasonable. In NC during this time of year can be dry and hot. This year we are above avg rainfall. I think I will just watch it for a couple of weeks to see if the schedule changes. Thanks for the feedback.

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If you haven’t already, be sure to check your zone settings in detail @southboyj . Personally I wouldn’t use Flex Monthly or Flex Daily otherwise. Here’s a starting point in case you haven’t gone through those details yet.

Alright sounds good! Please keep an eye on those moisture graphs. Once they start getting close to the depletion level, you should start to see those green rain drops show up on your calendar. If you have any issues let us know.

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On the calendar, normally the next scheduled watering date for each zone on flex shows a green drop. Flex looks 2 weeks out into the future, so no green drops beyond 2 weeks, but you should see one drop for each day that one or more zones are watering. You would normally also see a blue drop for each day with a fixed schedule. Check the zones under the ‘My Yard’ section to quickly see the next planned watering date for each zone, and also check the moisture levels for each zone as you have done. You can click on the right arrow (next to the Aug 4) on the moisture level graphs to see the next weeks predictions for each zone. Yon can also click on the right arrow on irrigation to see whether the irrigation from fixed or flex. Your apparent missing watering dates might be due to the 10 day fixed schedule ending soon. The temporary fixed schedule might be mixing up the zone scheduling logic.

If rain is forecast, the flex forecast might think the zones may not need watering until after 2 weeks from now, in which case you will not see the next watering on the calendar.