DADS - We Want To Hear From You!

Hey there Rachio fam! Happy June :slight_smile:

We saw this post a few weeks ago and it sparked an idea to try and gather some “Proud Dads in Proud Lawns” stories from our customers in honor of Father’s Day! So we want to hear from you – tell us some of your favorite Rachio stories! Maybe like @wafflesngravy you won the lawn war against your father, or maybe you won the lawn war against your own lawn! Whatever the case may be, we want to hear how Rachio made you the “Lawn Dad of the Year.” Feel free to share stories, photos, videos, etc., below (just know we may use your story or photo in a future blog post or email in honor of Father’s Day!)

Happy Lawn Nerding


Happy 1 year anniversary to me! I got my Rachio 3 for Fathers Day last year.


WOO!! Happy Rachioversary (??? lol) to you @gaustin! :slight_smile:

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Love my Rachio Gen 3 with the flow meter. Lawn is absolutely amazing for Kentucky Blue Grass in the Midwest (Ohio). Flow meter alerted me to a leak from a pop-up that was clipped by a lawn mower by my son. Keep up the innovations. I’m moving and already have told the irrigation companies that I have a new Gen 3 to install.


Dang, nice yard!