Cycling through my zones one after the others with fix time

I have three zones to water but I can’t water all three at the same time. I would like to create a schedule that would run the zones one after the others for a fix amount of time. I thought of making three water schedules starting at different times one after the other but I could not find a way to set a fix watering time for each schedules so they would not overlap. The system alway ressets the watering time based on weather conditions whether I want it or not. These zones are used to water my peppers & Tomatoes not my grass,

Ultimately I would like a schedule that I could start manually and it would automatically cycle through my three zones.

I can see a way to do that in the near future with the new IFTTT triggers but I was wondering if there was a simpler way.

I would create a fixed schedule, disable the schedule, and then run it manually when you want (scroll down to the bottom of the schedule and you can run manually). By disabling, it won’t run automatically.

Does this help?


@Piments, adding to @franz’s reply, please reference this support article for tips on creating a Fixed Schedule.

Followed by this support article for details on Fixed Schedule features.

Lastly, here’s some tips on using IFTTT with your Iro.

Hope this helps :smile: