Cycle-Soak Method

Would it be possible to add the Cycle Soak Method to the controller? I live in N. Texas and we suffer from drought to often. This would help the soil out tremendously.

Frisco Explaining the method and a video from TX A&M

@GERGreg427‌ This will be available in our 1.3.2 release, available any day now pending app approval.

Good to hear this will be added. We have a CyberRain system now and take extensive advantage of this. Some of our beds along the house spill over to the driveway in very short time. We run 2 minute max on these and up to 30 minutes total. Once the soil gets a little moist, it takes the next water a little better. But we have found numerous short cycles really works a whole lot better. We have about 10 cycles on each of 8 zones with about 3-4 minutes for most cycles.

Since some zones require less time (sprays are faster than wide-area rotarys) the time between zones starts to got short as fewer and fewer zones remain in the rotation. This is where the minimum soak time comes in. We use a minimum soak time of 10-20 minutes, so there can be fairly long periods of time when there is no watering going on at all.

For our lawn with lots of clay in the soil, this really is an important feature.

@charlesclloyd‌ Our current app supports cycle soak. Based on the soil type and nozzle type we break out cycles (30 minutes) across zone runs. Here is a full breakdown of the Smart Cycle feature:

Let us know if you have more questions.


I think that link is dead…go here?

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@plainsane, good catch!