Cycle and Soak w/ out Zone change?

Hello, curious to know if there is a way to use the Cycle and Soak feature w/out changing zones? I ask as I have a low flowing city water connection that is augmented by a buffer tank/booster pump that supplies enough volume/pressure for around 3.5 min before the spray pattern is greatly reduced? I’d like to soak one zone on and off, on and off, for the recommended 17 min of spray time noted by the app. How can this be achieved?

Just thinking out loud - run separate programs - back to back, with one zone per program and cycle/soak on/off for 3 min each?


Unclear on the question?


If I use the cycle and soak as set up in the app, it will switch from zone to zone with water running continuously which drops the water pressure so much (due to lack of volume from the city), the heads barely pop out of the sprinkler. I would like a 2-3 min delay after 3 min of watering, and for this to continue over and over.

Something like this?