Cycle and soak times not matching schedule

I have 3 different zones, each for different types of trees. The total watering time is 40mins - split 10-15-15 for each zone. I have manual cycle and soak set at 5min cycles and 30 min soak. It starts at 5:03am and ends 5:43am. I’m not sure if it is actually allowing any time for soak. Is there something I’m doing wrong with the cycle and soak?

My guess is based on your soil type, nozzle, and slope (and with your short watering duration to begin with) cycle/soak did not kick in. If you create a schedule with a zone with a steep slope, fixed spray head nozzle (lots of output) and a soil that does not hold much water you can see cycle/soak in action. If the schedule is not being broken up, not a bad thing, it has just determined that you are below the maximum recommended run time for the combination of soil, nozzle, and slope.


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