Cycle and Soak + multiple schedules question

I want to water my Potted plants through out the day so it doesn’t drip out if the bottom and stain the floor. I have two methods in mind

Method A: Created (1) schedule using the manual cycle+soak option to:
Start at 6 am with a 10 min water and 2 and a half hours of soaking.
It has 2 zones (water valves) assigned to it,
Zone 1 being watered for a total of 1 hour and Zone 2 watered for 45 min

Method B: I created (2) schedules setup with the same setting above.
Schedule 1 will run Zone 1 and
Schedule 2 will run Zone 2,
both will start at 6 am and will run for 10 min and 2 and a half hours of soaking.


  1. how does method A work. Will Rachio run Zone 1 until the 1hr of water is done and then Zone 2 until its 45minutes of water is done OR will it be able to run both at the same time where it will water zone 1 for 10minutes and then zone 2 for 10 minutes and soak for 2.5hrs and repeat?

  2. Can Rachio run multiple schedules at a time? will it run both schedule 1 and schedule 2 at the same time in method B or will it run schedule 1 until completed and then another?