Cycle and soak for drip zone?

See above image, I like the way it’s splitting up the front and backyard but the drip zone runs straight for 32 minutes. Why is the smart cycle not doing any soak time for this zone when it has the same soil type as my front and back lawn?

What can I modify in the zone settings so smart cycle will automatically add some soak time?

Drip zones don’t utilize cycle and soak. I think that’s because in most cases it’s not needed. But if you really want it to use cycle and soak change the zone spray head to use a “yard head”, but set the nozzle inches/hour to what you were previously using for the zone. And you might also need to set the slope to steep.

Rachio isn’t really designed for drip irrigation (an unfortunate conclusion I’ve recently come to). With drip, the starting point is how much water you need to be putting into the soil in a single watering. Assuming you are applying the right volume of water in 32 minutes and still are having a runoff, then your choices are: 1) using lower flow emitters and fudging with Rachio to increase the total run time in order to keep total water constant; 2) reducing the total water per watering and increasing the frequency. Unfortunately, both methods take require fudging with Rachio (that’s why I say that it’s not designed to work with drip).