Customer Support Not Responding

I have been trying to get in contact with support for over a week. It says chat is available during business hours, but I can only leave a message. Emails to a couple different addresses have not been returned. Is there a phone number or someone I can talk to on the phone?

Try calling 1 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446) and select option 3. If there is a long wait time, you will be offered a callback.

Or, post the details of your problem and maybe a member here can help.

Thanks for the phone number. Unfortunately, it is a billing/return issue so I need to speak with someone about that.


Thank you for your patience. The pandemic coupled with the “busy” season has really put a strain on our customer support team.

Thanks again and have a great weekend.


I need help with new set up

Start your own thread with your setup questions and the community can help…

Same here. I’ve opened 3 tickets in a week and total silence. Rachio support appears non-existent. Can anyone recommend an alternative solution? The watering season is on and I have no choice but to change out for a different controller.

Feel free to start a thread with your issue…

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Support?? What support, they do not have any support. Forget about calling or getting a call back.

I purchased an Orbit and I am changing over.

Have fun with that. I just replaced our Orbit B-Hyve with a Rachio 3 because Orbit has gone totally silent on their “support” forum, and has been absent for months.

I’ve no idea what their email or phone support is like. But, being as people have been complaining about their broken rain sensor support for a couple years, they promised to fix it, have not, and are no longer addressing complaints, well…

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You’re replying to a thread that is over 1 year old just to say you’re switching to a different brand? It boggles my mind that people (like yourself) feel that a comment like that does something.

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