Customer Service

Wanted give a shoutout to Ed for expediting issue and getting it resolved. Ordered flowmeter and went to install and received no screws for battery plate. He got them sent out and was very apologetic for the mistake. Even sent out some Rachio sticker swag with the screws. Thanks again


@liv4muddin Thanks for the praise, I will make sure Ed gets this kind message!


MY BIGGEST complaint on Rachio is CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have had very LITTLE success and NO SUCCESS in making verbal contact. I had issues and I had to figure them out on my own.

Hi @Srvnt2Him!

I’m so sorry about the frustration. Shooting you a direct message so we can figure this out together!

Lo :rachio:

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Thank you, Laura. it would be nice to actually speak with a person to resolve either unknown issues or concerns with Rachio. My unit was connected via wifi, but my system wasn’t working. I also am having difficulty with my schedule set up.

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@Srvnt2Him - I think you’ll find that if you post pictures of your zone settings and schedule members of the community will jump in and provide comments.

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Of course! I totally understand that. You can call 844-4RACHIO to speak with one of our representatives (they’re around 8am - 6pm MST 7 days a week). (Also, sent you that DM so keep an eye out for more info in there :slight_smile: )

Otherwise, @DLane is right! Our community is a GREAT place to get support. Not only are our users and Power Users incredible at troubleshooting issues, but a good chunk of our team at HQ is active on the community and are ready to help out :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:


Big shout out to Chance P. he was super helpful and patient and explained everything that this home automation geek could want to know. He also caught an error and fixed it with me. Rachio Cust Support Rock or RAAACHS!