Customer Service Related Question - unable to proceed with irrigation system install due to Rachio 2?

I hope this is the right subgroup to ask this question. After assessing several irrigation controller we ended up purchasing a 16-zone Rachio 2 back in May 2017 for a new irrigation system install we were planning to get installed for our house. At that time, the local irrigation installers were still using “non-smart” controllers and Smart Controllers were not as commonly offered (which is why we purchased our own directly through Rachio).

Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen family tragedy in 2017 and ramifications from that, we decided not to move forward with the irrigation system install at that time.

After almost two years, when we contacted the irrigation system installers again in April 2019, we realized they are now offering smart controllers as part of their standard installation package. Both the installers we have shortlisted include the Rachio 3. When I asked if they could install my Rachio 2 (which is still in its sealed unopened box) they said they have stopped doing Rachio 2’s for new installs. However, one of the installers suggested that since the Rachio 2 is unopened, we should check with Rachio if they might be able to offer a trade-up to the Rachio 3 for a fee. If so, the installer would help install and set it up.

Since I could not find a phone number to call and talk to someone at Rachio, I am posting here to see if there might be some way to trade-up from our 16-zone Rachio 2 to Rachio 3 so we can proceed with our irrigation system installation?

Thank you for consideration!

Hey @tinkershah!

Great question - this is an interesting situation. The Generation 2 and Rachio 3 have the same installation. To start, would you be up for telling me the names of the installers (feel free to shoot in a DM if you’d prefer)?


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