Custom Nozzle Percip/in Setting - Hunter PGP Blue

So I have been playing around with Daily Flexible Scheduling. My rotary heads are all Hunter PGP Blue 2.5 GPM heads. According to their spec sheet that means they put out about .45 inches Precip in/hr/ PGP=ADJ Spec Sheet

If I create a custom head and put that in my zones that have them, the Rachio wants to do a Daily Flex watering schedule across my 7 zones for something like 7+ hours. This seems INSANE! What am I doing wrong?

@BuddyL33, rotary nozzles do have a low PR and take longer to apply water by design.

I would recommend you actually have a Net PR of .45 in/hr on your zone. Pending spacing, coverage, and pressure, the actual water delivered to your lawn on a zone by zone basis can be different. The best way to double check is to perform a catch cup test, which will not only give you the Net PR, but also the efficiency (DU) of the zone.

Hope this helps!