Custom iOS URL thing?

Hey guys, sorry to be a pain - just trying to find a way to launch the Rachio app on iOS. Many apps have internal URLs like wemo:// or nestmobile:// which allow you to launch the app from the web or from other apps. I was wondering if you guys had an equivalent one?

@tomcoates I have @matt looking into this.


Would love love love IOS URL Scheme to enable calling from Launcher or in my case IOS Imperihome beta. From a SAF & UX huge win. In my case Rachio app would sit along side Sonos, Netatmo and security camera app. Want someone to beta it?

I’m being told by @matt that it is:



That worked from Safari thanks! Imperihome are adding it to next build. WOW all round. (this from a <24 hours of Rachio use)

This is awesome! I used it with my Roomie IOS remote to call the Rachio app. Now if only it would recognize a BackURL parameter so I could get it to take me back to Roomie seamlessly :smile:

Tried the url scheme rachio:// but it does not work??? A program I use which check the app for URL scheme tells me that the current rachio app does not have one.