Current limitation or did I miss a step? (Alexa run all zones)

I am using the Smartthings community integration & the Alexa intergration.

I can run individual zones by names (works for me, I’ve seen other post of others not having good luck). So that’s great so far… “Alexa turn on Corner Palms (Zone 4)” perfect!

But, then I can’t figure out how to have her run all 8 zones (1 by 1) with 1 single command.

Example: I named my Rachio controller “sprinklers”, so I try “Alexa turn on Sprinklers”, it makes the “ding” command accepted tone, but nothing happens.

@Adrian97c We don’t currently support running all zones with the Alexa integration. We plan on rebuilding/enhancing the Alexa integration at a later date and will incorporate that functionality.


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Ok good news then, ST & Alexa updates are critical selling point. An important extension to the already amazing Rachio software! Thanks for working on those updates!


I agree. Rachio has been way behind the curve with automation integration. It’s more important of a sales point than they realize.

Something as simple as Alexa, run “schedule X” shouldn’t be that tough. Not sure why I need 23 different ways to start or stop ONE zone, but that’s about all we have.

Step it up guys!



Agreed. Need Alexa smart enough to start all zones in sequence. Have used Alexa to stop watering all zones while on but not to start…

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