Curious about the Flex calendar?

The calendar for a Flex schedule shows planned watering up to 2 weeks in advance, but the moisture charts only forecasts one day in advance. Obviously some kind of calculation is being crunched to determine that Zone 3 will water 2 days from now. Can that calculation be exposed in the moisture graph details?

I’m confused regarding the question.

The moisture graph does use the same data as the calendar and has a 2 week forecast using the arrow buttons at the top of the graph.

Hope this helps.


Whoa, my mind is blown. The arrows to slide the graph ahead were there all along, I just didn’t see them. My bad.

Actually, I just wanted to throw you guys a softball, given all the Flex flak lately. Cheers :wink:


Yes, softballs are great. I’m glad it was that simple :wink:

Keep throwing them!



ok, one more for you. Do you guys have an article where you discuss how the Crop Evapotranspiration level in the moisture graphs is calculated? That seems to be the key factor, absent precip or irrigation, that affects moisture balance from day to day.

For dates that have already past in the moisture graph, would this take into account temp/UV/Radiation from a PWS? For dates in the future, where does this come from, since a PWS doesn’t do forecasts?

Good question. So currently we have a table that is adjusted month-to-month to determine crop coefficient. We just exposed crop coefficient on Zone advanced settings that is used to derive runtimes for other schedule types. Next week we need to tie that value into flex, and then anyone can modify at will. This was the remaining piece so that all the levers are exposed. I’ll put out a post when the zone crop coefficient in advanced settings is used in the flex algorithm.


A normal forecasting system (using radar, satellites, etc.) that our weather provider uses, just like any other system would use.


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