Curious about durability of other people's Rachio devices

First, I’m not trying to be argumentative, just generally concerned about the quality of these expensive controllers.

I just submitted a support ticket on my third Rachio 3 16 zone controller (16ZULWC). The first two just stopped connecting ultimately and they were RMA’d. Now my third replacement has no lights though the power supply is still putting out 28.3V. This really bothers me. Rachio devices are far more expensive than some of the other devices out there. I’m two months away from my warranty being up and I’ll be going on my fourth device. That seems like a problem. It’s in my garage, not outside. Granted, I live in Florida, but they should be designed to withstand that type of heat, right? When it works it’s been good, but my old Rainbird had a rain detector and could skip watering on rain days. My guess is I’ll get another refurb that will last for around 4 to 6 months and then I’ll be looking to replace it. Why would I spend another $300 on one of these versus a competing product? Am I the only person that is burning through so many of these?