Crop Coeffient Changes

I have been trying to change my crop coefficient, increasing it to 75% which should increase watering frequency according to the support article here:

After making the changes on the iOS app, increasing crop coefficient to 75%, I go back look at the change I made. The app is still showing me 70% as the crop coefficient. It’s not “sticking” after I make the change…

I also created a new flex daily schedule when the latest update came out. I am running the most current iOS version and the most current version of the app.

After you make the change, you need to touch the left arrow at the top to take you back to “Zone Details” where you must press “Save” in the upper right corner.

Got it!

I had the same problem with the available water adjustment. If I only changed the awc nothing would be saved. Then I found if I change the area (square footage) first, then the awc the changes would be saved.

Problem between chair and device…ME!

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Ehhh… I’d leave some of that blame to a rather odd design choice. :slight_smile:

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