Creating Multiple Schedules

So wonderful to be able to automate and customize my irrigation system, I have been a Rachio user for almost 3 years.

The new update has some great features, but the Help Pages have not kept up with the changes. I was unable to solve my problem through the present Help Pages.

I had much trouble setting up a second and third watering schedule. For anyone having my difficulty, go to Calendar and click on the Plus Button in the lower right corner.

I know this should have been intuitive, but I think the button needs to be more obvious. Perhaps the word Add should be included. I use my iPad for Rachio interface, and the current button is a bit inconspicuous at the bottom right.


I have found that using 1 flex schedule solves most of the irrigating dilemmas. You can see the blue or green droplets on your calendar as they pertain do the days that you will water your yard and surroundings.

Not all zones will water on each and every droplet day. Only the ones that have reached the MAD goal.