Create 1 schedule for all zones, or 1 schedule per zone type?

I have zones for grass, trees, plants, flower / garden. My thinking is 1 schedule per zone type (grass, trees, etc) would allow me to hone in the type of schedule that works best for that vegetation.

My friend who has a couple of zones (grass / trees / bushes) set up 1 flex monthly schedule for all of the zones in the schedule. His thinking is the Rachio should automatically figure out how much to water each zone based on vegetation type.

Which was is better, or does it make a difference?

I break mine up by drip, and grass. I do break my grass up by front and back yard because I sometime flood irrigate my front yard in the summer (we are in a rural area) and will shut off my front yard schedule.

If you use a flex schedule, Rachio will figure it out regardless of the plant type. If you need/want to use the cycle/soak feature, you need to separate drip and grass zones.

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Thank you for the information. I guess the more schedules for zones perhaps the better, to segregate different activities if needed.

The easy (lazy?) way of creating 1 schedule for all zones may work, but may not allow as much flexibility as you stated.