Crazy Florida Weather

It has been somewhat crazy here in Florida over the last week or so. 8 inches of rain in the last four days. Rachio has handled it like a champ, so glad it didn’t water just before this monsoon opened up.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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EIGHT INCHES :scream: That’s insane. I’m hoping you don’t run into issues with that moisture cap at 110%…

We’ll see, I’ll keep an eye on it :slight_smile:

Yesterday proved to be a wet day, 9.36 inches of rain in one day :umbrella:

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Wow… are you rafting to work yet :joy:

No, but we woke up to a very LOUD emergency alert at 3 AM last night about flooding. I was also surprised to see sunlight for about 5 minutes today (for the first time in about a week :sunglasses:)

Well, we had a few days respite from all this rain, and one of my zones decided that it was addicted to water

As of 9AM, we already reached the foretasted precipitation, can’t wait to see how high it will go over the rest of the day. :swimmer:

I guess I’ll put it on rain delay until this weather figures out what it wants to do, forecast looks pretty busy:

Does Rachio really need to water close up to 100%? I understand the advantage of infrequent, deep watering for root growth, but can V3 version of software take more than one day into account?


Looks like you are using flex zones in florida?

Curious if you can share some of your experiences with that, since sandy soil doesn’t hold any moisture?

Does your locality actually allow running it every day, or are you just counting on the fact that there is no actual enforcement? The instructions seem to make it clear that flex mode with daily restrictions basically will not work. It is a shame that most of florida has restrictions that technically make flex mode against the rules.

Most of my top soil has been bought in the store so I use “Loamy Sand” and “Sandy Loam” settings within Rachio. My interest with flex schedule is that I try to minimize the watering as much as possible, adjusting zone parameters only if I see areas of prolonged issues. I’m not worried about enforcement since I keep track of each and every watering via IFTTT and should not have any issues proving to the enforcing agency (if it comes to that) that I’ve been very conservative with my water use. :thumbsup:


I absolutely agree that it’s possible to be extremely conservative with water use while using flex, but my concern is that some enforcement people may be strictly by the book.

In any event, my rachio has done rain skip for every single scheduled water for the month of June, so I guess it wouldn’t make that much of a difference right now anyway :slight_smile:

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Until my HOA starts being more conservative with their water use, I have no worries about any enforcement. What they get away with is practically criminal.

Ain’t that the truth. Here’s a pic I took one night on a walk in my neighborhood. I emailed my HOA manager and he was very responsive, but still. We pay a lot of money to the landscape company and for them to allow this to happen is ridiculous.