CPVC Fittings

I thought I have 3/4” PVC, but it’s actually 3/4” CPVC. Sharkbite makes a reducer for this senario. Is it going to be correct to use a 3/4 PVC to 3/4 CPVC adapter, short 3/4 PVC, then to the 3/4 to 1” adapter, 6” of 1” PVC, then flow meter, 1 to 3/4 adapter, small 3/4 PVC then 3/4 PVC to 3/4 CPVC adapter? I’m not even sure I have the room for all this. Other ideas?

So you have CPVC CTS (copper tube size)? Is the material tan in color, most likely with a blue stripe or yellow stripe?

If so, you would treat this like a copper install as the sizing is the same.

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Yes, CTS. Didn’t actually know that CPVC came in anything but CTS.

CPVC Sch80 gray is IPS sizing.