Couple of questions

Just got set up and have a couple of questions.

  1. I just switched from a flex monthly to a flex daily. But I don’t see a rain skip option in flex daily for weather intelligence. Is that deliberate? Rain skip appeared in flex monthly. Why wouldn’t daily also have a rain skip?

  2. I see in the zone list it shows soil moisture % per zone. How does it know what the soil moister % is? I don’t think standard sprinkler heads have sensors in them, do they?

  3. I had flex monthly running for a week or two…but when I switched to flex daily, the duration of time per zone went up by quite a bit. I have a flower bed that went from 20 minutes to 57m. Is that normal when switching to flex daily? It seems like if it actually watered the zone for 57m in one day the zone would be a soggy mess?

This KB article may answer your questions.

“If a zone has enough moisture, the Flex Daily schedule will push that schedule back until the next time that zone needs water. Therefore there are no actual schedule “skips” that occur with Flex Daily schedules, the watering just gets rescheduled as needed.”

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Thanks - that helps. It answers many questions - the one question I didn’t see answered was how it knows a specific soil moisture %. Since it doesn’t have sensors, it must be inferring this. But since it doesn’t know what moisture % it started at (e.g. what if it poured the day before I installed the rachio, and I also watered it the day before it poured) how does it know what to start with?

A bit more reading.:grinning:

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Ha. Thanks.

If there are other questions, there are helpful folks on this forum who are happy to help get things dialed in. We will try to answer specific questions. There was a learning curve for us and we share the information we’ve gleaned from one another. Just let us know.


Will do! Thanks so much.