Could not complete "Update Wi-Fi Network"


We recently had our internet upgraded and the ISP installed a new router, which meant we had to reconnect all of our Wi-Fi devices. I was following the Rachio “Update Wi-Fi Network” instructions, but I could not get a stable connection to our Rachio. Every time it showed that it was connecting to the Rachio, it would immediately show that it disconnected from the Rachio. I tried it several times, and even performed a factory reset. I began to think that the problem might be on my Android phones’ end…and it turns out that during a recent update, Verizon added McAfee Security & Privacy to my phone. Once I turned it off, the setup went very smoothly. I hope this helps someone else…


Thanks so much for providing this info, I am going to relay this to our support team as well to hopefully help even more users!

McKynzee :rachio: