Costo 12 Zone versus Rachio Website 8 Zone - newer

Wondering why Costco is selling a 12 Zone - but the Rachio website only sells 4, 8 and 16 zones. Is this a newer version? I only need a 4 zone - but may as well get a 12 and control some lights too. Same money. Comments?

I have seen Home Depot also selling a 6 zone Rachio. I would guess it is just selling something unique through big box stores. I personally had the 8 or 16 option and thought 8 was plenty, but found I needed more. I believe I will be filling the 16 in the next year. Remember on lights or other things that if you have them divided out into “zones”, you will not be able to have more than one “zone” on at a time.

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Costco usually has products made specifically for them only. Even TVs have Costco unique model numbers. I’m sure they did some sort of market analysis and determined 12 zones to be an ideal number. They’re on sale right now at Costco for $50 off. Better deal than even the 8 zone

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I’m pretty sure the Rachio 12 Zone is a Costco exclusive. The only difference is the number of zones. Costco has a lot of “exclusive“ products.

Likely helps also protect other retailers from “Guaranteed Price Match” since not the exact same product.

Definitely a common practice.