Costco 12-Zone Rachio 3 on Sale * $50 Off thru 9/1/19

Thanks to all for the great info you have provided in the forum. I have been researching for a while and was ready to purchase a Rachio 3, when I noticed Costco had just reduced their price. It’s a great deal, if 12 zones will meet your needs. I just ordered one.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, 12-Zone
Regularly $229.99, now $50 off for $179.99 thru 9/1/19, while supplies last.,-12-Zone.product.100481393.html


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I didn’t know there was a 12 zone. Is that a costco only thing?

@wafflesngravy - Yes, a Costco only version.

As Dlane mentioned, this 12-Zone model is exclusing to Costco only. From my research here, it is identical to the Rachio 3 from Rachio, Amazon, Home Depot, etc, except it has 12 zones and a Yard Map feature.

Here is info from Rachio on the Yard Map feature:

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Thanks, franz.

I have the Costco 12 zone model. The yard map app may be a nice idea, but for me is kind of useless. When you go into the screen where you are supposed to map out the zone(s), you are presented with a Google sattelite view of your property. My property is very much obscured by trees, so you can’t see the areas to define. I’ll try again to see if I’m missing something :thinking::joy:

Nah, I can plot out zone areas, but you “cannot see the Forest for the trees” A real OLD Google sattelite view it is too, although it is the same one on Google Maps Sat view.:smiley::roll_eyes:

I bought the Costco 12 zone model last time it was on sale. It was good for me since I have 9 zones. I’m very happy with it; works perfect.

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