Correct Local Time = An Early Christmas Present!

Thank you thank you thank you! Not only for a very fun and functional controller (that has allowed me to use 46% less water this year AND stay within my S. California allocated budget), but for updating the “Next Watering” date to reflect local time. I pulled up the website and it actually tells me the sprinklers are coming on tonight. Thanks for listening and making the product even better. I tell everyone I can and have even helped a few of my neighbors set theirs up. It’s amazing how intimidated some people are by new technology.

Nice! Glad you are enjoying the system. We will be building out many new features in the coming months (including some incredible integrations with other products).

Have a great day.


@katerri22, I don’t know about you, but old sprinkler controllers seem pretty intimidating to me!

Just curious, how did you learn about Rachio?

Best, Emil

@katerri22, that’s awesome! We appreciate you training the branch with training. Just curious, what did you train them on? How to connect the Iro to WiFi? Programming Zones? Scheduling? We’re developing training resources for distributors – if you have any feedback on topics you think the branches need extra help with, we’d love to hear from your personal experience.

Glad to have you as a member of the community :smiley:

Best, Emil