Copy Watering Schedule

It would be great if there was a way to copy to new name any watering schedule. Then open new named schedule and modify.

Or, maybe have a setup for the default settings for any new created schedule.


@Chapin, copying schedules is in our backlog. Would you be using it to add multiple start times?


That or to copy water schedules and mix up the time and zones.

@Chapin, is this related to the test schedules mentioned in this post?

Just curious, have you used another app or interface that you think manages the schedule editing better than others?

Yes and also others. I set the variables different than the default. It would be nice to be able to copy a program and change one or two variables or to be able to define the default setting so that creating new schedules is only adjusting a couple of variables, rather than all.

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@Chapin, makes sense. We hadn’t considered making the default settings unique to the user before, but could be useful in this situation. Just curious, which default settings would you like to see saved at the user level?

A use case I am dealing with now is keeping new grass seed moist. I want to water a few zones for just a few minites at a time at 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm. So in my case, all of the settings would remain except start time.

@donandersonjr Until we implement multiple start times, you could use an IFTTT recipe like this to run a few minutes at a time.

I would create a schedule that runs zones a few minutes at a time, disable it, and then have something like Google Calendar trigger the disabled schedule. IFTTT is pretty good at filling in gaps in our software or just hooking in things that you never thought possible.

Hope this helps.



I agree. I can’t believe there is no “copy” function. I own a software company, and the ability to copy something as important as a watering schedule is BASICS 101! I’m a brand-new user and I thought I had just missed it somewhere, but joined the rachio community to see if others needed this basic feature.

I want to have some “at will” schedules that will give my lawn (5 zones) a quick water of 5 minutes, but don’t want to have to create a new schedule every time!

Thank you.

I would like to have BOTH the Copy Schedule feature and Multiple Start Times.


Do you have an ETA regarding when the copy function will be added?


Hi @Mully-

Unfortunately, I cannot give specific dates on when features will be added (@franz will get mad :wink:.) Can I ask you why you are needing to copy your schedule? Is it to create a new seeding schedule? Just curious of the context.

McKynzee :rachio:

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I can’t believe this feature was not part of version 1.0. Also can’t believe you have to ask why. Here’s what I’d like it for. I want to water zones 1 and 5 for five minutes every fifteen minutes starting at 3am, five times. Watering this way reduces run-off on my sloping yards. To set this up without having a copy feature will require creating five new schedules completely from scratch. With a copy feature I would only need to fully specify one schedule, then copy it, rename it, and change the start time four times.

BTW, in my Chrome and IE browsers the part of the interface where you specify which zones you would like to water in this new schedule doesn’t work. All zones are checked by default and the interface doesn’t recognize when I click to uncheck. I had to use the phone app to create my new schedules. This software is tedious and buggy.

This is a known software defect that the team is aware of. I apologize for the inconvenience it caused! This can be done on the mobile app, or zones can be edited after creating your schedule.

As for the reason you would like to duplicate your schedule, we actually have a feature called Smart Cycle that does what you described to reduce runoff. Have you give that a try? I would hope this would prevent you from having to create multiple schedules!


Copying or saving as a different name would be very helpful. I just seeded a lawn and need each station to run once an hour from 10AM to 6PM for 2 minutes. It was a bit annoying to have to program the same thing 8 times (it didn’t take that long, but most other operating systems allow you to copy or save as a different name).

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3 years later, I’m still looking for this feature. My use case is that I need to temporarily disable or change zones but don’t want to forget my regular settings.

It seems like a basic ask. Why is this not implemented yet?

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Being able to create a new schedule using an existing one would be very useful for many reasons. If I want to have the same program run more than once per day, it is a lot of work to do it manually.

This suggestion is 4 years old but hopefully is still worthy of attention…