Converting rainbird rc 7bi to rachio 2nd gen

Hi all,

In the process of converting an old Rainbird rc 7bi to a Rachio 2nd gen and need a little help.

I believe I wired everything correctly and have the wifi set-up but when testing the zones none of them worked.

Please help! Photos attached.

Rachio controller is primarily designed for a solid wire (where the conductive part is a single thicker conductor). The interconnect wires you’ve reused from the old controller are stranded (whereas the conductive part is made out of multiple thin wires). Likely that your common and/or master valve lines are not making a good connection. For best results you will likely wish to stop using the old interconnect wires.

Another possibility is that you are using a wrong common connection. Looking at a manual, the common seems to be a White / Red wire:

I would try hooking up the red/white to commons as well:

If the above step does not work, you have two options that should work:

  1. Move the rachio lower down, so that the field wires (thick red and a white wires) can reach and be connected directly to Rachio.
  2. Buy a foot or two of the irrigation wire from a home improvement store, like this one (link) from lowes. And use that instead of the old stranded wires.



I would say move the Rachio to the left so that the gap between the boards acts as a conduit into the new controller and like Gene said just hook the field wires(white and reds) to the Rachio.


Thank you so much for the help, you were right the old wires couldn’t get a good connection so I bought the new ones you suggested and it worked!