Converting from Hunter to Rachio 3

Hello! I am converting from a Hunter to a Rachio 3 and have questions about wiring. The C and 1-10 zones are pretty straightfoward. I’m fairly certain the P/MV wire will go to the M on the Rachio (we are on a well). I believe the two yellow AC and yellow/green GND wires will go away. There is an Irritrol rain sensor that I guess I will hook up, but need more info. It has two red wires running into each AC, and a brown and white wire running into SEN. How should those be connected to the Rachio? Also, in the app, should how will I know if I should set the P/MV to a pump or master valve? (sorry, we just bought the house and I don’t know if it is on a pump or valve)


Hey jwbryan,

I can’t help with the valve questions, but I just installed my Rachio today and I have an Irritrol wireless rain sensor as well. You can find the wiring info in the link below which is what I followed, but basically what it says is one of the red wires to 24VAC+, the other red wire AND the white wire to 24VAC- and the brown wire into S1 or S2. You will have to go in the app to More > Controller Settings > Accessories and click on S1 or S2 (whichever you put the brown wire in) and toggle that on. Hope that helps a little!

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One leg to Sensor 1 port, the other to the -24vac port. Otherwise, it sounds like you have it all figured out!

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@jwbryan - if you’re on a well it will be a Pump Start Relay. You may need to configure a recharge time so the well won’t be sucked dry.

And @Frank512 - nailed it on the rain sensor link. A rain sensor is optional with Rachio, kind of like belts and suspenders. The rain sensor will stop Rachio when there is a rain shower that isn’t forecasted for your area, or if the local weather is very different than the weather service locations for your area. Be sure to set the rain sensor setting on the Irritrol to be equal to or greater than the rain skip setting in Rachio so the rain sensor won’t block a watering that you intend to happen.

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