Convert indexing valve to manifold

I’m very early in the thought process here. Probably going to get my shopping list together this weekend and start getting the necessary parts together to assemble and test prior to removing my Intermatic controller.

I know I’ll need a pump start relay switch. I read that Munro is the only supported switch, but I’ve seen others used here. Wondering if buying a new one makes sense to get a Munro, or Orbit?

Also (and my main question), has anyone converted a hydro indexing valve to a manifold? I’m not excited about digging up the yard at the moment, and thinking about a workaround.

My plan is to remove the guts of the index valve (so pressure is running into all 3 zones). I’ll then cut the pipes coming out of the index valve for each zone, and install an electric switch on each to be controlled by the Rachio.

I’m thinking of something like a Rain Bird CP100 in-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve for each zone.